Skate For Your Heart!

Skate For Your Heart!

Almost 2,500 Americans die of cardiovascular disease every day. Heart disease claims the lives of one woman every 80 seconds. During American Heart Month, we’re working to raise awareness and provide ways to use your skates to improve your heart health. Learn the signs of heart disease and act today to help your heart stay healthy throughout your lifetime.

Roller skating has been endorsed by the American Heart Association as a form of activity to reduce your risk of heart disease. Physical activity can help you lower blood pressure, boost levels of good cholesterol, improve blood flow, prevent bone loss, and help keep your weight under control. Just a few minutes of activity a day can add years to your life!

We all know exercising on a regular basis is important, but many of us are also familiar with the struggle of making it a priority. Roller skating can help! Incorporating a fun activity into your exercise routine can help you look forward to your daily dose of activity.

In the summer, hit the trails – Sioux Falls has greatly improved the trail system making lacing up your skates a much easier choice for those warmer days. While there’s still snow on the ground, head over to Skate City for a fun sweat sesh with great tunes to keep you motivated well beyond the recommended 30 minutes.

Tell us how you’re keeping your heart healthy this month, or join us every Wed and Sun for derby practice and get YOUR heart in shape this season!



Why is physical activity so important for health and well being?
It’s a natural mood lifter.
It keeps you physically fit and able.
It keeps the doctor away.

Being more active can help you:
Lower your blood pressure
Boost your levels of good cholesterol
Improve blood flow (circulation)
Keep your weight under control
Prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis

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