Bacon Fest 2020


Bacon Fest 2020

Join us for an amazing day of BACON!

This bacon-tastic event will include our famous bacon recipe contest, the ever popular bacon eating contest, and an oinking contest for those with the talent!

History of Bacon Fest: It is up for debate as to the origin of Bacon Fest. It is believed to have all started on a drive home from a bout (most likely after playing Arch Rivals) and discussing fundraising ideas and the conversation was on how we should do something with bacon since we all love bacon so much!!!! I mean that was apparent since we might have eaten all the hotel’s bacon at the “complimentary buffet” just earlier that morning.

However it started, we will forever be grateful that bacon exists.

To enter a recipe, email us at:

PLEASE NOTE: To be officially entered in the recipe contest, you MUST pay the $10 entry fee, in advance, below.

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