January 21, 2017: SFRD VS SCAR Dolls


The Roller Dollz kicked off their 11th season early with a bout vs the SCAR Dolls out of Saint Cloud. Saint Cloud came with a large exhibition style roster of 19 skaters, compared to the Roller Dollz 13 skaters. The Dollz were prepared though, and knew it would take playing smart to outlast such a full bench of skaters. They work hard to maintain their reputation as a high endurance team, and that showed as they gave 100% until the final whistle.

The Dollz kicked off the first half with a bang, including FistHerElla landing a string of grand slam scoring passes in her first appearance on the jam line, while the Dollz blockers held the saint cloud jammer. With a solid defense, some smooth offense, and keeping a level head the Dollz blocking line gave the Saint Cloud jammers a run for their money and helped their own jammers escape the pack. The second half continued with the Dollz maintaining their lead over Saint Cloud, aided by another grand slam laden jam by Maully Ringbrawl. Chemical X had a little jammer on jammer action with a Saint Cloud jammer, with the tiny but solid fireball causing the Saint Cloud jammer to go down!

In the end, the Dollz dominated with a final score of 216 to 133. A great way to kick of Season 11!! Make sure to join us for our next bout vs Fargo-Moorhead Derby Girls on February 12th, doors at 2, roll at 3.

Dollz MVP Awards:
MVP Jammer – Chemical X
MVP Blocker – Bonebrakeher
MVP Wildcard – Tat’d Sinner

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