April 30, 2016: SFRD vs FMDG

The Roller Dollz wrapped up the first part of their home season on with a bout against a much loved rival, the Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls. The Roller Dollz fell twice to Fargo in season 9, but were ready to hit this bout head on! The Dollz headed into this bout with 10 skaters, pumped and ready to roll against Fargo’s short roster of 7 skaters… but knew that wasn’t going to make the game easy. Fargo was armed with some solid and well seasoned skaters mixed with their new blood.

The Dollz started off strong and dominated the scoreboard, holding the lead the entire first half. Their defense was solid, holding the Fargo jammers and helping our jammers get lead often. They played a pretty clean game, with no blockers visiting the box more than once in the first half. Our jammers themselves were pretty clean with very few trips to the sin bin as well. Keeping our skaters on the track definitely helps the scoreboard and by halftime the Dollz were in the lead with a score of 112 to 73, with Julia Wild scoring 29 points in a single jam! 

The 2nd half started with the Dollz down a skater right away as Julia Wild played it safe after a bump to the head in the 1st half, and the Fargo Girls came out strong, not willing to let the Dollz continue to dominate the scoreboard. Losing a key jammer meant a lot more work for the rest of the Dollz jammers and they were tired by the end, but held strong and kept fighting! An off the line panty pass to Bonebrakeher confused Fargo’s Bolt Action resulting in no lead jammer and a 2 minute jam, where both jammers fought their way to gain more points than the other and made for a very exciting jam!

In the end it came down to the wire with a final score of 186 Dollz to 182 Fargo! An exciting game for both teams and fans alike!

FMDG Final 2016

MVPs for the game were:

Roller Dollz:
MVP Jammer: Christy Nail’her
MVP Blocker: BAC
Wildcard: ProPain

Fargo Moorhead:
MVP Jammer: Seducci
MVP Blocker: Bolt Action
Wildcard: Zeiher



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