April 28th, 2018: SFRD vs MedCity Mafia

April 28th, 2018: Roller Dollz vs MedCity Mafia

The Dollz have looked forward to this rematch since taking on MedCity Mafia on their home turf last year in a nail biting game! Again, these athletes have an amazing attitude and we look forward to playing them again!!

The Dollz took the lead right away with what is growing into a strong jammer core take lead most of the game. While the Dollz struggled to execute their power jam offense against MedCity, they great success with quick screens and assists throughout the game. A lot of work devoted to developing a better sense of urgency paid off greatly in this game, with quick reformations to avoid MedCity’s offense enabling the Dollz to hold the MedCity jammers scoreless quite often.

The Dollz took the win with a score of 204 to 91, but not without a lot of hard work!

MVP Awards:
Roller Dollz Jammer – Chemical X
Roller Dollz Blocker – Bonebrakeher
Roller Dollz Wild Card – Moshpit Marilyn

Our 50/50 raffles this season will be going towards supporting our Habitat for Humanity family. This bout, the winner of our 50/50 raffle donated the winnings to our efforts to support our adopted family!! How amazing are our fans?!?!

B.A.C.A: No child deserves to live in fear.

Thank you to every who brought in a donation item for Bikers Against Child Abuse. No child deserves to live in fear.

Huge shout out to all of our awesome Skating Officials, Non-Skating Officials, Dollunteers, and Sponsors! Thank you for all you do to help pull off our games!

Thank You!!!

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