10 Seasons of Roller Derby

Season 10. Let that sink in for a few minutes. Roller Derby itself has been around for decades, but your very own Sioux Falls Roller Dollz have been a part of this community for ten of those years. Two women started this league in October of 2006 when they held their first informational meeting. These two are Pain Maker and Queen Elizabitch. Pain Maker is now coaching Sioux Falls SoDak Attack, the junior league. Queen had been skating with the Roller Dollz until just before season five kicked in, when she moved to Colorado and skated with none other than Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Both of these women started something truly special when the Roller Dollz was founded. The league has donated over $50,000 back to the community in various charities, such as the Humane Society, the Rape and Domestic Abuse Center, and Make a Wish.

A lot has happened in ten years of local roller derby. Weddings, children, college graduations, and just life itself continues to be a huge part of our lives outside of roller derby. With this being season 10, new skaters are coming in and joining other skaters who have been the league for years. What is one of the most important bits of advice the Queen herself could bestow? “Always, always, always wash your pads. They stink. You know it, your teammates know it, your spouse knows it….it stops being cute/funny after about the first week of stench. Clean those suckers!” She says that even though it is extremely important, cleaning your gear isn’t exactly one of the more important things she would like to share with everyone (even though personal hygiene should always be prioritized).

In ten seasons we have seen many faces, from the Skates of Wrath, the Bad Medisin, and the Killa Beez! “You’re part of a special club. Cherish every moment you have on your skates and with your derby brothers and sisters. They are your tribe for a lifetime.” Queen said, every word ringing true. Even with some skaters, referees, and NSOs retiring, you are a part of something wonderful. Enjoy it, because truly, being a part of something like this is awesome. Same goes for our fans, without you, this wouldn’t work either. Because of the fans, the skaters, the non-skating officials and the referees, the league has gotten to do some pretty incredible things. How many get to brag about going to London and cleaning the track? How many sports teams in Sioux Falls have given back to the community with not just dollars, but in time too?

We kicked off season 10 with a great battle against the Sioux City Dames, and although the team lost an extremely hard fought bout, it was a great way to start the season. You will never see another sport where two teams are hugging in the end. You rarely see a sport where afterwards, the losers, and the victors are having dinner and drinks, bragging about the sportsmanship. When you take the plunge and join roller derby, like Queen says, you are truly joining something special. Help us celebrate season 10! We still have several home games this season, as well as Baconfest in April.

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