Season 11 Award Winners!

League Awards

Volunteer Heart Awards

Unsung Hero Awards

Fan Favorites

Skater Awards

Wild Card Awards

Zebra Awards

NSO Awards

Dollunteer Awards


Lappy Award
The skater you’d most like to have
land in your lap!

Runner Up: Ungelic

Brawler Award
The skater you’d most like to have
on your side in a back alley brawl!

Runner Up: Bonebrakeher

MVP Jammer Award
Your Favorite
Roller Dollz Jammer!

Runner Up: Ungelic

MVP Blocker
Your Favorite
Roller Dollz Blocker!

Fan Favorite Award
Your Favorite
Roller Dollz Skater!

Runner Up: Thunder Buddy

Wheels of Justice
Your Favorite
Roller Dollz Zebra!

Runner Up: Lita Strae


Best ASSet
This Skater’s BUTT
is impossible to get around!

Double Trouble
This skater jams like a knife
and blocks like a spoon!

Tiny Dancer
This skater is so agile and has
the most graceful falls!

Skaters Gonna Shake!
This Skater shows no merch
for her opponents!

Runner Up: B.A.C.

Apple Pie
This skater has the sweetest
disposition for her opponents!

Rebel Yell
This skater is the biggest
communicator on the track!

Can’t Keep Her Down!
This Skater falls down
and gets back up again!

First Offense
This skater is quick to offer her jammer
a helping hand… or booty!

Runner Up: Thunder Buddy

Cheer Leader
This skater motivates and
encourages her teammates!

Runner Up: B.A.C.

Chill Master
This Skater stays cool
and collected on the track!

Chill Master
This Skater stays cool
and collected on the track!

Helmet Hair
This Skater has the best
after bout hair!

Yo Mama!
This duo knows how to best utilize the panty pass!



This works together so well, no jammer dare approach them!

This skater’s gear can be
classified as a biological weapon!

Runner Up: Maully Ringbrawl

Nervous Wreck
This skater gets the most
nervous before bouts!

Runner Up: Maully Ringbrawl

Doll of Dedication
This Skater works hard to improve
on and off the track!

Most Improved Jammer

Runner Up: Slayde RunnER

Most Improved Blocker

Runner Up: Thunder Buddy

Jammer of The Season

Runner Up: Ungelic

Blocker of The Season

Runner Up: Jackie O’Smashus


Most Dazzling Zebra
This Zebra officiated the most bouts!

Most Dedicated Zebra
This Zebra attended the most practices!

Most Improved Zebra
This Zebra improved the most this season!

Zebra of The Season


Most Amazing NSO
This NSO officiated the most bouts!

Most Dedicated NSO
This NSO attended the most practices!

Most Improved NSO
This NSO improved the most this season!

NSO of The Season


Most Dedicated Dollunteer
This Dollunteer worked the most bouts!

Most Awesome Dollunteer
This Dollunteer attended the most practices!

Dollunteer of The Season


This league member has the best attitude!

Runner Up: Thunder Buddy

This league member gives you all the warm fuzzies!

Life of the After Party
This league puts the P A R T Y
in After Party!

Runner Up: Thunder Buddy

This league member works hard behind the scenes
to keep things running smoothly!

Runner Up: PAN!C


These league members put in the most time volunteering at league events such as fundraisers and charity events!




Ungelic was nominated as an Unsung Hero because of all the hard work she does for the Roller Dollz. She’s always willing to step up and get things done that need to be done, making sure everything is taken care of. She has stepped up and helped out across various committees and events, and that help is invaluable! Ungelic is irreplaceable both on and off the track, we are lucky to have her in our derby family!



Charm N Hammer
Charm N Hammer was nominated as an Unsung Hero because of his ever present presence at all things Roller Dollz. Volunteering whenever he can, helping at every bout he can, and he’s a staple figure at social outings as well. Charm has an amazing attitude and that positivity spreads like wildfire when he’s around. He’s an amazing asset to our league and we are beyond blessed he chose to join our derby family! What’s new, pussycat??



Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire was nominated as an Unsung Hero because of her endless dedication to the Roller Dollz and her dedication to always improve as an NSO. She is willing to help out wherever she can, helping out on the Baconfest Committee, shows up early for events, etc.. She is at practice consistently, works on learning new NSO positions, and continues to grow as a valuable asset to the success of our league and member of our derby family!


Roadtrippin’ Award
This duo has the most wild and unusual road trip experiences!

Hit Me Baby One More Time
This skater gets hit again and again before going down
and then gets back up and wants back in the game!

MVP of Awards
This league member made the best
MVP Awards all season!!

Derby Family
The family who does all the things to keep SFRD afloat, regardless of how inconvenient, thankless and/or time consuming.

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